Sonntag, 17. Juni 2007

Setlist 11_06

Einstürzende Neubauten - Z.N.S.
Vitalic - My Friend Dario
Schwefelgelb - I Keep My Eyes Shut
British Electric Foundation - A Baby Called Billy
Michael Garrison - Take A Chance
Scarlet Architect - Say You're Not Pretending
Kraftwerk - Schaufensterpuppen
Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. - Nix Los
DAF - Die Lippe
Trent Reznor / Peter Murphy - Warm Leatherette
Sudeten Creche - My Beloved
Bal Paré - Nocturne
Fred - All Rights Reserved
Martial Canterel - Lips Not For Listening
Ceramic Hello - Sampling The Blast Furnace
2 VM - Day Break
Land of Giants - Seven Men
Basking Sharks - Diamond Age
Störung - Two Miles
Higher Primates - Living In A Vacuum
The Actor - Unreal Personality (Live @ NEON-WELT)
The Astronauts - I'm Your Astronaut
Section 25 - Dirty Disco
Fad Gadget - Love Parasite
The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person
Der Plan-  Space Bob

sorry, no download link at the moment, I have simply no time to upload at the moment but it will follow soon !


Sten Colt hat gesagt…

Mp3 and visual archives of Nini Raviolette and La Fondation, a musical parisian collective from the beginning of the 80's, are now online at this address :
A bientôt
Sten Colt

Andrei hat gesagt…

Hi, do you have plans to upload this setlist one day? I've been looking for The Astronauts for 25 years...