Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Setlist 14 & 21 October 2007

Setlist 21_10_07

Tatu - Cosmos (Outer Space) (She Wants Revenge Remix)
Fiction Technology - Time In Vision
Lars Falk - In The City
Mark Lane - The Poison For Me
Propaganda - Das Testament des Mabuse (13th Life Mix)
OMD - Telegraph
Body Electric - Dash 1721
Aerial Fx - Hold Me
Food And Shelter - Anything
Silent Signals - Nordstern
Martial Canterel - Efface
Vomito Negro - Ease The Pain
Portion Control - Pressure Is High
Neon - Neon
Profil - Ich Liebe Dich
Second Decay - Chronomatic
Berlin - Pleasure Victim
Oppenheimer Ransom - One Minute To Midnight
Unit 3 with Venus - B.O.Y.S.
Soft Cell - Metro MRX [flexi]
Plus Instruments - Freundschaft
Malaria! - Geh Duschen
Markus - Schöne Neue Welt
Camera Obscura - Horizons of Suburbia
Baard - Savior For The Nations
A Sudden Sway - Jane´s Third Party
Bert Barten - No Principles
Joy Division - Atmosphere
The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division

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Setlist 14_10_07

!Bang Elektronika - Schattenspiele
File_Not_Found - Maze
John Foxx - Car Crash Flashback V2
Tommi Stumpff - Lobotomie
Silvia - Ich Bin Nicht Die
Bizarre Leidenschaft - Störung
Richard Bone - Invisible Guy
Gary Allen - Oops! It's An Accident
Inertia - The Singer is Absent
Fad Gadget - Insecticide
Kraftwerk - Die Roboter
Mecano - Robespierre`s Re-Marx
Zyx - When Darkness Comes
Moravagine - TMA-1
Piefke und Pafke und die Jungs aus der Dunkelkammer - ...Und es geht ab
Stratis - Die Kur
Ming - Sentir Et Analyser
Vive La Fête - Touche Pas
Martin L. Gore - In A Manner Of Speaking
Rational Youth - Cité Phosphore
Carmody - Messengers Of Love
Ultravox - We Came To Dance
Glenn Winter - Prins Reimon
Poupée Fabrikk - Die Jugend
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto
Advanced Art - No Answers, No Solutions
Dom Mody - Szyfry
Minny Pops - Footsteps

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