Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008

Setlist & Downloadlink_10_02_08

Vomito Negro - The New Force
Esplendor Geometrico - Moscú Esta Helado (The Hacker Remix)
Adult. - Pressure Suit
Men Without Hats - Living In China
Icehouse - Great Southern Land
OMD - The New Stone Age
Heaven 17 - Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
Blancmange - Running Thin
2 VM - Let's Play
Bakterielle Infektion - Black And White
Kid Montana - Amour D'Électrons
Soma Holiday - Too Many People
Silvia - Ich Bin Nicht Die
Trick 17 - Liebe Oder Hass
Palais Schaumburg - Deutschland kommt Gebräunt Zurueck
Sic - Cover Girls Smile
Dramatis - Love Needs No Disguise
Martial Canterel - Page And Fold
Baard - Savior For The Nations
Fall Of Saigon - Blue Eyes
Kissing The Pink - Watching Their Eyes
Nine Circles - What's There Left
Flo & Andrew - Japanese Girls
Hard Corps - Je Suis Passee
Vicious Pink - 08-15 To Nowhere
Aimé Le Chevalier - The Minimal Echo Song
A Blaze Colour - Dark Trees Beyond
New Order - The Perfect Kiss
Lunapark - Dieser Tag
Westdeutsche Christen - Endzeitlust

Here's the LINK

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