Freitag, 1. August 2008

Setlists and Downloadlinks last 2 shows

sorry for the delay, but here are some more setlists:

Setlist & Downloadlink 27_07_08

Arbeid Adelt! - De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen
Front 242 - Im Rhythmus Bleiben
A2 - Darum Gebt Mir Alles
Dicky Design - 4/4 Takt
Plath - I Am Strange Now
Nagamatzu - Der Gute Kamerad
Men Without Hats - Security
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Mythos - Grand Prix
Die Unbekannten - Perfect Love
Eyeless In Gaza - Point You
Duran Duran - The Chauffeur [Blue Silver]
Solitude F/X - Electronic Nighttime City Blues
Aupheus - Stay With Me
Rod Vey - Metal Love
Twilight Ritual - Webbmen (Indecs Edit)
Peter Baumann - Repeat Repeat
Those Attractive Magnets - Nightlife
Lives Of Angels - Look Out Kid
Videoclips - Husky
Dreizack - Großstadtnacht
Piefke Und Pafke Und Die Jungs Aus Der Dunkelkammer - Format
Christian Bruhn - Captain Future
Second Planet - Never Never Land
Flash Cero - Doble Personalidad
Oppenheimer Analysis - Men In White Coats
Soft Cell - Numbers
Our Daughter's Wedding - Lawnchairs
Foyer Des Arts - Hubschraubereinsatz

Here's the LINK

Setlist 20_07_08

Aircrash Bureau - Exhibition
Led Er Est - Fingers Curling Up
Hidden Agenda - Renew Flesh
Vice Versa - Science Fact
Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities
Opera Multi Steel - Les Sens
Clan of Xymox - Abysmal Thoughts
The Sound - Sense Of Purpose
UBahn-X - In Heaven
Nash The Slash - Dance After Curfew
Robert Marlow - Torch Team
Philip Lynott - Yellow Pearl
Autumn - I Say You Hello
Aimé Le Chevalier - Cordialement
C Cat Trance - Shake The Mind
Geneviève Pasquier - Epileptic Dance Hit
Silent Signals - Exit Out
Fad Gadget - Under The Flag
Schwarze Bewegung - Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan
X-Quadrat - Der Digitaltanz
Berlin Express - Die Russen Kommen
Mary Moor - Pretty Day
Deux - Minimaliste
Indochine - Canary Bay
Human League - I Love You Too Much
Hohokam - Harlequin Tears
Nine Circles - What's There Left

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